Get started with your B2 Mask

Before you unbox or interact with your B2 Mask, wash your hands with soap and water. Be sure to scrub all surfaces of your hands and in between your fingers for 20 seconds.

Okay, ready to go!

Assemble your B2 Mask


Select a filter set, containing 2, from your filter pack.


Insert the filters, printed or colored side out.*

*B2 Filter Lite does not have a printed side and can be loaded in either direction


Secure filters with filter caps, rotating fully.


Align the facepiece (99 logo up) with the outer fabric covering (smaller elastic strap up).


Hook the overlay centerband under the 4 angular tabs located on the outside of the facepiece.


Gently pull on the lower straps in order to secure the overlay and facepiece.

Wear your B2 Mask

Understand placement

The facepiece should be positioned low on your nose and resting on the surface of your chin.

Place and secure

Making sure the larger straps are on the bottom, secure both ends around the back of your head. Position the elastic strap behind your head.

Adjust strap

As you wear your B2 Mask, you may want to make adjustments to the fit for seal and comfort.

Optimize your B2 Mask seal

Adjust seal

The optimal seal can take time to find as you get use to wearing your B2 Mask. To improve the seal, try placing the mask higher up on your nose bridge, and then gently pull down.

Seal inversion

You can also try to invert the seal of the facepiece near the nose for a tighter seal.

When to change your filters

* A B2 Filter Lite lasts for up to 24 hours of total wear time, up to 1 month after opening. B2 Filter Original lasts for unlimited wear time, up to 1 month after opening. You should also change your filters if they get wet or if you think they have been contaminated.


Remove your filters and dispose of them before cleaning the rest of your mask. The facepiece, filter caps, and fabric overlay may be washed by hand using a mild soap or detergent. Alternatively, you can place them all in a laundry delicates bag and machine-wash on the delicates cycle with cold water, laying them flat to dry. Once everything is fully dry, insert new filters and reassemble your B2.


When not in use, the B2 Mask can be folded in half with the overlay straps used to secure it closed. Alternatively, the mask can be left on a clean surface or hung somewhere that is out of the way. Do not store in a sealed container because this prevents moisture evaporation. 


Have more questions about respiratory health or how to use your B2 Mask? Check out our articles in our help center, our blog or email customer support.

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